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I Promise.

Posted on May 24 2009

Today, after nine minutes and fourty-one seconds on the track, my season came to a close. I am disappointed, there is no question about it, but now I can focus on Cross Country.

This will be my last season in LHS XC, and I have a promise to make to my XC Boys. I will do everything possible to take us to states. I want it so badly and I hope you guys want it just as much as I do. You guys know that no other team is the same as ours. Do you really think any other team is as close as we are? We deserve it more than anyone else and I’ll make it my duty to get us there. I promise to run hard every day, I promise to never leave an ounce of energy left in my body after a race, I promise to run my heart out for you guys. This our last season and no Lynbrook team has ever made it to states, this is our destiny. We belong in that race. It doesn’t matter how good the other teams are, they will never have a family as close as ours. This is my promise to you guys, I promise to run until my legs fall off for you guys. I love you guys, and I won’t let you down. If you ever see me pulling off to the side of the trail, stopping to take a breath, or thinking I can’t do it, you have to remind me of my promise and I’ll get back on that trail until I die of exhaustion.

We can make it, I know we can. We’ll be the best team Lynbrook has ever seen and we’ll enjoy every single step of the way.

I promise.

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