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If you want to walk, join a walking team.

Posted on March 01 2010

Hank, Jake, and Gary Gottelman.

Who would’ve thought that the owner of Ryan’s Sport Shop would give advice comparable to that of Hank and Jake?

It must be something about all runners, coaches or not, when you put your body and mind through hours and miles of pain and agony, you know what you’re talking about.

His advice was simple: “Don’t ever walk between intervals, when are you ever going to get to rest during a race? Make the workouts hard so the races feel easy”

Simple and straightforward. Sure it seems easy now that the only part of my body doing any work are my fingers, but I can bet you that next time we line up for a killer track workout, I’ll take Gary’s advice and I’ll make it work. It’ll be hard at first, very hard, but if I can do it and everyone else follows suit, we are going to have a scary distance team this year. It’s not about who has the longest practice or about who lifts the most weights or who works on their form the most. It’s about who makes the most out of what they are told to do. Our practice may be as simple as running sixteen loops around the quad, but we didn’t make it a sixteen lap jog, we made each and every quarter of a lap count and finished strong; our legs tired, our breathing heavy, and our smiles broad as we splashed through the giant puddle like little kids.

Those are the fun days, the days we’ll remember for being lighthearted and full of laughs and smiles. Strangely we remember the painful runs just as much as the enjoyable ones. Whether we’re out running for 2 hours, 16 miles, or running 3 all out miles, we end each and every run with a kick and a smile.

This will be my last season and it will be the last season for some of my XC Boys as well. Let’s finish this season of with no regrets, let’s all run our bests, let’s make it to Arcadia, and most of all, let’s enjoy every single step of the way.

Woh Bundy.

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