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Introducing the dailymile Team – Myself Included!

Posted on March 11 2010

I’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about a website that I belong to called dailymile. In a nutshell, dailymile is a social training site for posting workout data, and has an interface that is similar to Facebook, with the major exception being that it is geared directly toward active people who value exercise as a part of their lives. I can’t begin to explain how much this site has meant to me and my training, and through my membership I’ve met some truly inspirational people, many of whom have become good friends. To get a feel for what dailymile is all about and the type of people you’ll find there, I urge you to check out this blog post that I recently wrote documenting members’ weight loss resulting from adopting an active lifestyle.

It was with great pride, therefore, that I recently accepted an offer to be part of dailymile’s Team of ambassadors. The dailymile Team is a group of 36 site members (at the time of writing this post) who have contributed significantly to the life of the site and who enthusiastically share their passion for exercise and living an active life. Our Team mission is to “Grow the community of active dailymilers and promote the activities we love by inspiring and motivating others.” Inspiration and motivation are what dailymile is all about, and I’m excited to be part of the Team that will help to guide this rapidly growing site as it continues to develop into the future.

What I’d like to do here in this post is introduce you to some of my friends on the dailymile Team by re-posting a series of introduction videos that were recently posted on the dailymile blog (thanks to Kathy S. for putting these together!). Before I get to these, I’d like to again ask that if you haven’t tried dailymile yet, you should give it a shot – it’s free, easy, and there is no obligation to stay if you don’t find that it suits your needs. Simply click on the banner below to give it a try:

dailymile logo

Now for the videos – I’ll start with the one that I’m in (you get to meet Jack!), and then follow with the videos for the rest of the Team:

And then there were more from dailymileteam on Vimeo.

Dailymile Team introductions Round 1 from dailymileteam on Vimeo.

dailymileteam | east coast too from dailymileteam on Vimeo.

Last but not least from dailymileteam on Vimeo.

So there you have it – not all of us are featured in these videos, but I think you can get a good feel from these for the type of people that we are.  We represent a cross-section of the dailymile community, and it is our hope that we can help motivate and inspire you as you strive to achieve your health and fitness goals. For more information about the dailymile Team, and to friend anyone that you met in the videos seen here, please visit the dailymile Team webpage.

And once again, if you’d like to give dailymile a try, click here and it will take you to the sign-up page – my suspicion is that you’ll love what you find on dailymile.

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