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It’s been a long time.

Posted on October 26 2008

I haven’t written anything in a while. I don’t know why, maybe nothing amazing has happened recently, maybe i haven’t had any races worthy of being in here. No runs high enough for this. I keep telling myself, “I need to make a new post” and I just never got around to it. Oh well, here goes.

3 races, 3 okay races. The times are good, but I don’t get that feeling of going all out. I need to go to war for my team. If we’re going to make states everyone is going have to give it their all and then some, including me. Jang has had 2 great races, Gene is in the same situation I was in last year, the only advice I have for you, Gene, please take it easy. Take some time off, recuperate. We need you to make states. Lum is struggling to find it, so I’ve decided to make part of this post for Lum.

Lum. You are great and you know that, you just keep having average races. Don’t tell yourself that you are average because you know you are not. If you keep asking questions before a race, you won’t have a good race. That’s what happened to me at Crystal on thursday. I kept asking myself “How hard am I gonna go out?” “What time can I get?” “Can I PR?”. My best race this year was definitely Pepperdine, and the reason behind that is that I told myself “I’m going to go all out, no matter what.” Lum, I know you can go all out. You have 3, possibly 4 races left. After that, no more meeting out by the shed, reading the same stats over and over, stretching in a circle, throwing berries, seeing Jakes smile, no more fun runs, no more painful hill workouts, no more LHS XC. This season will come to an end. We all know that. Whether it ends November 4th, November 15th or November 29th, it’s up to us. I don’t want Chris on the team. He doesnt deserve it, he doesn’t love it as much as you do. You can do this. You are the one who made me love running. All those night runs, morning runs, hill runs, bagel runs, jamba runs and slurpee runs. They wouldn’t be the same without you.

Hawaii was amazing. I could list everything that happened but I still wouldn’t do it justice. Only 14 know and you are part of those 14. Everyone is envious of our team, no one knows how close we really are. The thing is that it would be impossible for people in any other sport to be as close as we are. Enduring the pain of hills and long runs is what makes us a family. No one understands us, to the outside world we are the “immature XC boys”, while we are pretty immature, that’s the point, the beauty of it. Everyone spends their childhood trying to be “grown up” meanwhile we are living it. When we look back on our lives, we will never regret anything about these years because we did everything we could have ever done. Even if we don’t make states, if we give it our all and try as hard as we can, we’ll be bigger than we ever imagined.

Being mature isn’t brought on by studying a lot, listening to your parents, not doing anything dumb, dressing up like a grown up, acting “smart”. All those things have nothing with being mature. The most mature people are the ones that can have all the fun in the world when it’s time to have fun, but when it’s time to be serious they are serious. We are kind of at an advantage because even when we are serious and trying as hard as we can, we are having loads of fun.

Lum. I know you can do it. Don’t think that you have a place in the team and you have to stay there. It’s up to you to decide how well you run. I can try and try, write and write but I won’t do anything. You have to decide, “Am I going to be average, good or great?” I know you can be great, you are great. Just lace up your flats, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I’m going to be great” and if you think you are going to forget during the race, write it on your hand. When you are struggling to get up heartbreak and all you want to do is slow down, let people pass you, go off the course and say that you’re hurt, just glance down at your hand and read those two simple words, “Be Great” and then give it all you’ve got. You might be lacking motivation on the 1st mile or on the last 100 yards, no matter when, you have to know that after the race all the pain will be gone. You have 23 hours and 44 minutes to feel comfortable, for the remaining minutes, you can use up all the energy you have, leave it all on the trail. Pain heals, but glory lasts forever.

Next week is Lynbrook Invite. This our chance to win leagues, our first step towards States to many, but to us this is just another step added onto the countless others we’ve already taken, whether they were on dirt, grass, concrete, during the day or night, uphill or downhill, every step we have taken has brought us closer to our dream.

I will never forget you guys. Never.

1 race. We need to all pull together and have the best race of our lives. And if we don’t make it? We’ll still be the XC boys, and you all know that.

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