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It’s been a while.

Posted on March 17 2009

Since my last post. I guess after XC ends there just isn’t that much to talk about anymore. I haven’t been logging my workouts either, I need to get on top of that. I’m used to always thinking about “next year”, but the sad thing is that next year is going to be the last year. It’s going to be a hard one for sure, the scattered remnants of the XC Boys will have to cheer me up, but hopefully the addition of Varun will bring back some life to what seems like a dead XC season next year. I’m not trying to put down the other guys on the team, but Gene, Lum, Jang, Archit, and Rohit really turned my life around. Each and everyone of you taught me something new, but to be honest Lum and Gene are the ones who turned me into a runner.

When I got to Lynbrook I was just a person who ran, now I’m a runner and I’m so glad that I went through that change. The change happened in Hawaii, over a bottle of perfume and after a long, long, long, and silent car ride and flight. Sitting in the back on the car with Andrew, he wasn’t Lum to me yet, just Andrew. I thought the few awkward words we shared would foreshadow the following 4 days, but boy was I wrong. After going saying “Gracias” to the Hawaiian woman, and going on our first Hawaii run which was also my first shirtless run I started to feel like a part of the team. But it wasn’t until that night that I was an XC Boy and Runner. After having dinner at dukes, with more awkward conversations, (mostly with MayC…) we headed to the market to spend some time together, when Lum picked up a test bottle of perfume and accidentally sprayed it towards Julia, I thought I would just be a spectator again, but her reply triggered the immature side of me that I had been trying to hide so that the seniors wouldn’t think I was just a stupid freshmen. “Lum! You sprayed it in my mouth!” and with the simple, albeit immature response of “Haha that’s what she said!” I became part of the most amazing team of my life.

That first season with them was amazing, I don’t know where to start, words don’t do justice to how amazing that first season was. Doing all the things I could have never dreamed of, being invited to go out with all the seniors. Something had changed though, they weren’t the seniors, juniors, and sophomore any more, they were my XC friends and those 14 friends who had arrived at San Francisco at 4:55 in the morning are the ones i’ll never forget. We did everything together after that, even if Cross Country eventually ended, our friendship didn’t. Going to the movies, lunch, and anything else, we always found a way to make it fun. I can honestly say we were never bored. We never had to ask the question “…so what do you wanna do?”  I could rant on and on about how amazing my friends are but I’ve already gone 530 words without really talking about running and it’s killing me.

It’s hard to put down in words how much I love running, it’s been a bit harder recently to finish a run and think in my mind “I love running!’, but that’s mostly because of Track. I’m sorry track, but you’re just like a bad wife, I don’t really want to be with you, but I know have to. XC is my mistress and we have some crazy times together. Track trys to keep me out of the hills but a couple of sub-par workouts have led me to believe that the lack of hills is what’s keeping me from that next step, that next level of running that i yearn to reach each and every day I lace up my running shoes. Maybe its that feeling of euphoria when you fall into that perfect rhythm, or the feeling of being on top of the world when you reach the top of that insurmountable hill, or it might just be the way a run solves all your problems and just makes them float away. There isn’t one thing I could point to and say, “I love running because of that”, it’s everything in between the runs, the friendships, the jokes, the pain you share with your team that brings you closer and closer.

Even this post has been kind of hard to write, i’m at a lack of words and I seem not have enough inspiration to figure things out. Everything has been a mess for a long time, but tomorrow I have an appointment with 10 miles of hills and surely that will cure my poor health. I was planning to make this a long post about losing the seniors next year and hills, but without motivation it’s kind of hard. Don’t worry though, the last thing I would do is give up, so i’ll be here tomorrow after my long, painful run and everything will be in its simplest form.

Until then I’ll have make do with fantasizing about those hills.

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