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Jack of all trades

Posted on January 13 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-02-21-at-11.42.23-AM“For me, I’ve just always done best when I’ve been involved in multiple things. I always make the joke that I’m not a ‘runner-runner’, it’s just something that I do, even though I am a professional runner. But, I enjoy doing a lot of other activities too. I like to ride my motorcycle, free dive, spearfish — lobster-diving is my favorite in that realm — surf, snowboard and rock-climb. I’ve gone skydiving a few times, and hopefully I’ll get my license one day.

You always want to use both sides of your brain and for me, I like to use all parts of my body and in all different directions. I think that for trail running especially, that really helps because you’re not just going forwards and backwards. You’re going side-to-side and jumping over stuff too. My body and my mind are tested in different ways, so when you come to a point you haven’t been to in terms of pain, drawing on those other experiences can help you push past it.” – HOKA athlete Dani Moreno

Dani has been an over-pronator for years and her favorite shoe is the new Arahi


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