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Keeping UPS in Business, Apparently

Posted on November 05 2010

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Like every runner, I owe a lot to my family for understanding and supporting my need and desire to both run and write about it. Even more-so in my case, I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife for putting up with the seemingly endless stream of shoes and other forms of running gear that seem to make their way into our house every week. In fact, it has become a joke for the kids that Mom has to shout at the UPS truck to “keep going, keep going!” as it approaches our house on delivery runs down our street. When it does stop, Dad has to jump up and down a bit and act really excited, and Mom pretends to throw a fit (I think she’s pretending anyway…). These are the things that pass for fun in the Runblogger household – it’s sad, I know…

Anyway, tonight my kids were drawing pictures for me, and my son brought me this one:

Anders UPS Picture

Apparently both the UPS man and I are barefoot (naturally!), and I’m shouting “Woooo!” and “Running Shoes!” (backwards) as I accept the box with the “shoe” tag on it. I’m not sure if I should be happy or horrified that this is what he associates me with, but I had a good laugh nonetheless. At least it’s a better association than the picture he drew of us last year for Thanksgiving (see below – yes, that is he and I in the picture) – moments like these are why I love being a dad!

Meatballs and Chicken

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