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Posted on November 04 2010

Today’s post was supposed to be for Gene, but after Kuo’s beast of a race yesterday…sorry Gene, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow

Kuo. You are perhaps the most complex person I know; at times the hardest of workers and at times the laziest person I’ve ever seen – but the great thing about it is that that’s what makes you, you. You’ve come so far since your freshmen year and I feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to keep watching you grow.

I know at times you feel sad and alone, and all I can say to you is that I know exactly how you feel. It sucks. It’s the worst feeling in the world. But the beautiful thing about being a runner is that when everything else in life is bringing you down, all you have to do is find the steepest hill around and bring yourself back up. Sometimes you need a little bit of encouragement to get yourself going, but recently it’s been you that’s been encouraging me to keep going, you’ve been there telling me to not pull off the trail and to not give up.

It warms my heart to see that what we spent last year trying to teach is still with the LHS XC team and that you’re mantaining all the traditions that we tried so hard to uphold. You’re becoming a great runner, leader, and most importantly a great person. Your potential has always been there but you truly showed me what you’re made of on that run last winter; it was cold, rainy, muddy and I wasn’t having a great day. You called me and asked “wanna go for a run?”, so I turned my car around, picked you up, got my running stuff on, and we drove up to Fremont Older. As we ran up that ever familiar trail I thought it would be just another run, but boy was I wrong. As we rounded the reservoir, through mud, fallen trees, and puddles, I started to see how much you loved running, how much you had in you. Every time you slipped or tripped you’d just get right back up, you wouldn’t let the run defeat you. As it got darker and darker I started to realize how dangerous it was to be out there, but having you running next to me made me feel strangely calm. Knowing I had not just another runner with me, but knowing I had a friend with me was what calmed me down. As we climbed the switchbacks and reached the top as the sun had almost completely disappeared behind the hills the city lights started to come alive, and I knew deep down that you were enjoying it just as much as I was. I saw the passion in you then and I see it in you now.

You’ve been a great leader this year, you’ve made each and every one of the XC Boys proud to have passed to torch on to you. Listening to your speech before the race yesterday brought tears to my eyes knowing that you’re keeping all of our great times alive, even if we’re not there with you.

So thank you Kuo, thank you for being the leader the LHS XC team needs, thank you for being the hard working person you are, and thank you most of all being a great friend and being there for me in times of need. Thank you for calling me to make sure I’m okay, for opening up to me over donuts, and for never giving up on yourself. You’ve got an amazing life ahead of you and all I can tell you is this; enjoy every single step of the way, and make every single step count. Give it everything you’ve got in everything you do and when you cross that finish line, whether it’s in running or in life, as long as you’ve given it everything you have, you’ve won.

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