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Letter to Santa From My Son: – Why I Love My Kids

Posted on December 19 2009

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Below is a letter that my son wrote to Santa Claus that was published in our local newspaper this morning – made my day!

Dear Santa,

It’s my birthday! I am 6 years old. I am a good big brother beause I am caring to my sister. I help my mom clean and I always have nice talks with my Dad when he drives me to school. My Mom really loves books and my Dad needs a new NANO, his is broken. My little sister might want some new Barbies. I am good all the time. I would like some Clone Wars guys. I was wondering how Mrs. Claus is feeling? Did she get the flu or is she ever ill? My Dad needs new running shoes too.

“My Son”, age 6

This is why I love being a parent – nuff said!

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