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Letting life happen

Posted on January 13 2017


“Personally, I used to have a hard time with letting life happen to me. I was very impatient with everything, including my own running. Early on in my career, things came fairly easy, I won a lot and improved a lot. However, when I arrived at the University of Oregon in 2010, and was surrounded by so much more talent, I felt that my improvements were marginal in comparison to my teammates. It took me four years to finally get over that, and let go of comparing myself to others. Once I quit trying to force doors open and let them open naturally, I felt like my running really took off. Since then, I have applied that same patience and confidence to other aspects of my life and am a much stronger person because of it. I now understand why it’s important to not get everything you want or think you need immediately. Greater things come to those who wait.”- HOKA Athlete Cole Watson.

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