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Merrell Bare Access 2 Review by Biker Nate

Posted on November 16 2012

Nate SanelOne of the guys I talk to the most about running shoes is my buddy Nate Sanel. Nate lives in the next town over from me, and we share an obsession with running shoes.

In many ways, we complement each other nicely since he’s a trail ultrarunner and I’m primarily a road runner. As such, we often share thoughts on shoes the other has not tried (e.g., he’s the reason I may give in and try a pair of Hokas). Nate and I have also been working together lately on reviewing the same shoe from our individual perspectives, as well as doing some product development work with Skechers (e.g., we wear-tested countless iterations of the Go Bionic, and are currently wear testing a trail version of that shoe that is fantastic – stay tuned on that front).

A few weeks ago I posted my review of the new Merrell Bare Access 2 zero drop shoe. Today Nate posted his take on the shoe, and I wanted to direct you to it since I think it’s always valuable to read multiple perspectives on a given shoe. Like me, Nate liked the shoe a lot. Unlike me, however, Nate has received a shipment of Merrell’s M-Connect line for 2013 – I’m jealous, and am hoping I have said package on my doorstep when I return home this evening (see his post to see what I’m talking about!

Read Nate’s Merrell Bare Access review here:

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