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Posted on October 27 2017

Screen-Shot-2017-10-26-at-1.48.53-PM“I judge myself harshly enough and I don’t need sexually explicit comments to prompt further judgment. I don’t ever run with headphones. And I mean ever. People assume you’re not listening to the world when you listen to music, so they feel free to comment on you, your looks, your stride, your bounciness, your ‘I’d-do-her’-ness. No one needs the whistles, the jeers, the catcalls, the horn blast aimed at making you jump or the lunges at street corners followed by a quick, ‘running looks good on you.’ Instead of a mind-clearing run, it becomes a mental game of strength to isolate yourself from sexual objectification.” – HOKA supports all Women Who Fly, like Maggie Smith

Maggie is wearing the Speedgoat 2.


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