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Mizuno Wave Ekiden Racing Shoe Coming to the US

Posted on July 24 2012

For a long time, Mizuno has had only one shoe that really hits my sweet spot: the Mizuno Wave Universe. I’ve tried both the Ronin and Musha, and though they’re solid shoes, neither were a very good match for me.

I’ve long thought that Mizuno had a big gap in it’s offerings between the Universe and the Ronin/Musha lightweight trainer combo. This gap is soon to be filled by the Mizuno Wave Ekiden. I hinted at this shoe in my post about Mizuno’s forthcoming zero drop shoes, and it looks like it’s due to arrive here in the US in January 2013. According to the Running Warehoue blog, the Ekiden has a 6mm heel-forefoot drop, and weighs in at just 4.6 oz (the sole is very reminiscent of that of the Universe). The MSRP is $115.00, which is a bit on the high side in my opinion – we’ll have to wait and see what durability looks like.

Here are a few photos from Running Warehouse – looks like a promising shoe!

Mizuno Wave EkidenMizuno Wave Ekiden Sole

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