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My 18 Month Old Son’s Barefoot Running Form in Slow Motion!

Posted on October 19 2011

This past weekend I was out in the yard playing with my kids, and I was encouraging my older son to try to get my 18 month old son to run with him. My younger boy has just started to run within the past few months, and on occasion he gets to the point where both feet are off the ground at the same time. Anyway, they were running around barefoot on the street, so I grabbed my camera and shot a quick video – not often you can capture some of the earliest running steps of a human being in slow motion! He needs a bit of work on his arm swing, but he seems to have the midfoot strike down pat!

Note – he kind of does a stop and start thing here as he’s egged on by big brother – the last bit provides the best view. Enjoy!

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