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My Miracle Weight Loss Program – Body by Writing!

Posted on September 06 2012

As a health and fitness blogger, I feel as though I should by now have at least one post discussing a surefire way to lose weight – after all, nothing drives traffic quite like the prospect of a trim figure! As such, I thought I’d share my miracle weight loss program with you in hope that it can work as well for you as it did for me. Here goes:

Step 1 – Sign a contract to write a book. The work involved will stress you to your breaking point and suck away any motivation you might have to exercise. Also, writing requires a lot of sitting, so your degree of slothfulness will increase exponentially! And let’s not forget the stress-eating!

Step 2 – Watch the pounds accumulate on your formerly healthy frame. Become disgusted by the decline in your physical fitness. Reach a peak of ill health just before your book is released.

Step 3 – Finish said book and rediscover the world beyond your computer monitor. Wow, that’s what it feels like to enjoy running? Who knew!

Step 4 – Watch the weight melt away from your now unhealthy body as you once again start exercising in large amounts and eating better food.

As an example, here’s my weight profile for the past several months as recorded on my Withings scale (I love that thing!) – note that my book came out around June 1:


Now, you might say this isn’t really a weight loss plan as much as a weight gain then loss plan back to square one, but I’m not going to quibble about silly details. I’m sticking to my guns on this one – if you want to destroy your health for a period of time, write a book. Then, when you’re done you’ll appreciate more than ever what it’s like to be able to eat well and exercise regularly!

In all seriousness, I’m really glad that I wrote Tread Lightly, but man am I happy it’s done – writing a book is not good for your health.

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