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My Road Racing Results: 2007-2008

Posted on April 02 2009

Below is a log of my results from races that I’ve run in my first 1 1/2 years as a serious runner. I compiled this list on, which is a neat little site that allows you to compare your performance with others who run the same races as you. You can submit the info for each race you run, and they will post the results for that race within a few days. They seem to find some races on their own, but with the help of, race results are easy to submit.

In the table below Plc A = Age Group Place, Plc G = Gender Place, and Plc O = Overall Place. I’m not sure why the pace column isn’t working.

You can see my Athlinks profile here – if you click on “View Peter’s Rivals” under my profile photo on my Athlinks page you can see how it gives me a won/loss record against other Athlinks registered members who have run the same races as me. The site doesn’t seem to have caught on much yet, and there are some ways it could be improved, but I think it has a lot of potential if more people register. There is a friends function, but I don’t have any friends yet so I don’t know what that does :(. Anyway, for the time being I like keeping track of my results there, and it will be interesting to watch that site develop.

Update: I spoke to soon – looks like you can now post running stories/race reports on the Athlinks site. That was one of the things I was hoping they’d add. Go Athlinks!

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