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My Run Today

Posted on October 22 2009

was amazing.

But it didn’t start out that way. From the moment I set off from Lynbrook, I felt average. Nothing was clicking and I just felt like I just needed to get the run over with. At first my shoes were too tight, then they were too loose, then I had too many things on my mind. The whole way to the top of Hunter’s I was wishing I was somewhere else, but as soon as I finished my sprint to the top, things started to change. After taking a breath at the top and re-tying my shoes for one final time, I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw everything in a new perspective.

I turned around and faced the rest of the park, I noticed all the trails that wind majestically. I noticed all the peaks that seem so daunting when I’m looking up at them, I noticed all the places I’ve found love in before. I came to realize what I love so much about where I live right now, it makes me want to stay here forever. These hills, this sky, and this town, I love everything about it. It has made me who I am today, the parks that I grew up with, the hills I’ve fallen in love with, and all the little reminders in between that make this town what it is.

Lum couldn’t have said it better; “nothing gold is forever”, well this is Gold right now. Everything is shiny and beautiful, and I know this isn’t fool’s good. This is the real deal, everything around me is real, not gold plated. Golden to the heart. Eventually I’ll have to leave this place behind, but I know that I’ll find my way back here, too many amazing things have taken place in the place I call home, and no matter where I’ll be living next year, home will always be in Saratoga.

Cross Country is slowly winding down and just as much as I don’t want each day to end because it means the end is a day nearer, I can’t wait for the next one to come because I know that every single day holds something amazing and beautiful. I’m going to miss it all; meeting out by the shed, working hard on our hard days, going easy on our easy days, doing strides, and every single little joke in between the runs.

Life is short, but that makes it beautiful. You have a choice to how you decorate your life; if you only do things that make others happy, not the things that make you truly happy, your life will just be coated with gold, but pure rust underneath. But if you take it day by day, and spend every single day doing the things you love and with the people you truly love, your life will be just like 24 carat gold; beautiful and authentic.

This is my last season, my last season being able to suit up with six other LHS XC boys. Our season might end November 14th. But if we all pull together for one race, if we all just give it our all and leave nothing out there, then maybe, just maybe, our season will end November 29th.

IMG_4740Woh Bundy.

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