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Newton Energy: New Running Shoe Coming this Summer

Posted on April 05 2013

Newton Running is not a company that tends to release new shoe models very often. They have a pretty small lineup of shoes that occasionally see minor tweaks and updates, and I view this as a good thing. If a shoe works, don’t make major changes! I also see too many companies focusing their energies on putting out new model after new model rather than focusing on ways to make existing shoes better (Vibram is a good example of the this), so Newton’s small stable of shoe models is somewhat refreshing.

Newton Energy SideNewton Energy Sole

Yesterday Newton introduced a new shoe set to be released in July. The Newton Energy is reported to be a 6mm drop, 9oz (men’s)/7oz (women’s) shoe that incorporates the forefoot lug design from the MV2 racer. This lug design is a bit different from that on other Newton shoes as the lugs are not quite as prominent, and they extend all the way to the margins of the sole so that there is less of a sense of mediolateral instability that some find in other Newton shoes. The MV2 was in my opinion a poorly implemented shoe (which will be receiving a much needed update), but the lug design held promise and I’m definitely interested in giving the Energy a try.

My buddy Thomas over at Believe in the Run posted the full Newton Energy Press release if you’d like to read more.

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