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No Meat Athlete’s Matt Frazier on Blogging Full-Time

Posted on April 30 2013

Earlier today I read a great Copyblogger interview with Matt Frazier of the No Meat Athlete blog.

Since I’ve written a bunch lately about my decision to pursue blogging as a bigger part of my own future, I thought I’d share the link to Matt’s interview here since so much of what he has to say matches my own experience. For example, we both started blogging in 2009, we both write about running, we both obsessively researched the art of blogging when we started, and it seems reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” influenced both of us to veer off our more traditional career paths into a future where we have more freedom and more control over what we do with our time.

I particularly liked Matt’s answer to the following question:

Why do you think you became an independent business owner and blogger, when most people just stick with the career they have, even if it’s unsatisfying? What’s different about you?

“Change — especially starting something and calling it yours — feels risky and scary. We’re wired to avoid it. Seth Godin teaches us now that what’s really risky is choosing not to start your own gig, or making the choice not to become essential in your job. But I think for most people, that’s hard to accept on a gut level, even if you believe it intellectually.

The difference for me is that the thought of spending the better part of my life doing work that doesn’t matter to me and for somebody else truly does terrify me at a deep level — way more than the choice to work for myself does (which has its moments).”

Well said Matt, I couldn’t agree more. The the ability to be my own boss and throw the bulk of my effort into pursuits that I feel are important were major driving factors in my own decision-making process to leave my day job.

You can read the full interview over at Copyblogger (a great site for those looking for tips on blogging professionally):

You can follow Matt’s blog over at

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