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Not Gonna Lie…

Posted on March 07 2010

Today was shit.

I don’t know what it was, my legs weren’t feeling that bad, my breathing wasn’t heavy, my flats felt good; I was ready to go.

I guess Silvia was the only one able to make sense out of it; “Even if you physically feel good, if you mentally feel like shit, you’ll run like shit”, I couldn’t have put it better.

To be honest though I’m glad this happened today, I needed it, I needed something that I really love to make me realize I need to change some things. Something was different during XC, something was better, there were no worries, I was just living life one race and one day at a time. I still have my guys, I still have my hills, I still love running, but that didn’t show today. I need to step it up, I need to make it work, I need to do what I did during XC. This was a wakeup call, this reminded me about XC, this warned me that if I don’t get it together I’ll end up having the same bad season I had last year.

Everyone has bad days, but when you can do good things on a bad day, you’re setting yourself up for something amazing. I forgot that today but now I’m ready to remember it.

I have until Thursday to prepare, whatever the distance, whatever the race, whatever the competition, I need to put in 111% and never look back.

This is my promise to myself, I will make this season the season I wanted it to be.

Woh Bundy.

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