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October is upon us

Posted on October 03 2008

To me, the most beautiful time of year is when the leaves start to turn, the days get shorter and colder and the only refuge we have from the chilly weather is a long hard run. October is the start of all the big meets, the ones that count, the ones that decide if we make CCS. October is like the 3rd lap in a mile, you want to save something for the final kick, but you have to push hard. It’s hard to keep going in October, when you look ahead the season seems so long and hard, but when it’s all over you’ll think it went by way too fast.

Soon the skies will turn gray and the sun will hide its shining face behind the gloomy clouds. While the weather depresses everyone, we will be out there running our hearts out, putting the sadness behind us and running to our happy place. Hank couldn’t have said it better: “We run rain,hail or shine”, even if it’s freezing cold and we can’t feel our hands, we’ll never slow down.

October leads to Autumn and soon 70 will dwindle down to 14 devoted runners. 14 runners who will put on their short shorts everyday hoping to fulfill our goals. “Easy, Medium, and Hard” goals. For us there is no easy, medium and hard, it’s just “make history”. The first Lynbrook boys team to share a ride to Fresno. No one has ever done it, and no team has deserved it more than we do. Our team does not consist of 7 runners, it consists of 7 people who share the love of running, people who use a run to cure anything and everything.

We need seven people to spell out “STATES!”. Come November we’ll have the hardest spelling test of our lives.

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