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Off to New York City – Merrell Roundtable and NYC Barefoot Run

Posted on September 24 2011

I’m sitting in the airport in NH waiting to board my delayed flight to Newark, with hopes of making it into Manhattan at some point tonight. Figured this was a good time to play around with the Blogpress app for iPad for the first time!

I was invited to New York by Merrell, and will be joined by a whole bunch of other folks to participate in a Roundtable discussion on the future of barefoot-style footwear. I’ll be joined by fellow bloggers, journalists, medical professionals, and others with an interest in the minimalist running movement. I’ll also be getting a sneak peak at some of the Merrell Barefoot 2012 shoe lineup, and possibly taking a few advance pairs home to try out

On Sunday I’ll be heading to the NYC Barefoot Run on Governor’s Island – should be another interesting experience. Not sure how many barefoot miles I’ll attempt, but my goal is at least one 2-mile loop.

I’m going to try something new here and do a little live blogging. Will try to update this post with anything interesting that happens this weekend!

Update – ran 3+ miles through the streets of NYC to Battery Park. Merrell Road Glove on foot, fantastic shoe! Fixes all complaints I had about running on roads in the Trail Glove. Here’s a lousy photo:

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