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“One Last Time.”

Posted on June 03 2009

I always knew that I would have to do this one way or another, I tried to delay it as much as possible, putting off the thought, but the time has come.

It was 3 years ago that I came to Lynbrook, uncertain of what the High School life would hold in store for me, I laced up my running shoes for the first time and proceeded to fall in love. Not only did I find love in running, I also found the best friends anyone could ever ask for and I became part of a family. Even though some of us will be back next year, a big part of the family will be missing. It is you three sticks that are graduating in nine days that will leave a huge gap in our Cross Country tree. I have made many more senior friends during my 3 years in Cross Country, but it is you three that have influenced my life the most. Who would’ve thought that my three best friends would be a Russian, a Sack, and a Tri-Nipple? Not me at first. I don’t want to write this in any particular order as you are all amazing in your own ways, but I must so here goes.

Jang, I’ve never met a runner that hates running at times as much as you. I know you love running, I can see it on those long runs we drag you along for, the painful hills we make you do, and on that sunrise run you stayed up all night with me to do. Sure we’ve had our lows (Walgreens), but we’ve also had many highs, especially that sunrise run. Watching Harold and Kumar with you to pass the time, constantly asking how much longer until we can “wake up”, taking porn breaks, and everything else. Running up that hill with the sun racing us to the top, taking a million pictures at the top and then dragging our sleepy bodies 3 more miles just to get some donuts. Whether it was in the middle of a run, during lunch, or online you always put a smile on my face no matter what. Sure you make fun of Cat everyday, piss me off when you don’t want to run, and buy jackets that are five sizes to small for you, but you are an amazing friend and I hope you don’t completely stop running after you graduated because I know you enjoyed those runs.

Gene, oh where do I start? On some days I seem to hate you so much, but I’ve never thought to myself, “I hate Gene” and there is a very good reason for that. Even if you can be amazingly annoying, you always know how to lift me up. From making fun of my hopeless romantic pursuits to driving that extra .1 mile just to see if a green punch buggy is at the park you always make my day just a bit brighter. You have no idea how glad I am that you dragged me out of bed that night about 2 years ago just to run in the middle of the night. I was so afraid the first time, cautiously taking steps for the first few miles, worrying whenever I saw a car, and flinching at every sound that resembled an animal. Friends like you are hard to come by, if impossible in your case. I always make fun of you for being slow but in truth you are the one who got me where I am today. That first Cross Country practice in ’06 all I could think was “I need to beat Gene”, that butterfly feeling in my stomach when I passed you on that Cupertino Long Loop, I have always revered you for being the one that never gives up, for pushing me harder and harder, for running just to run. You’ve taught me so much and I love it how even though you hate running uphill you still do it with me, no matter how long, how steep, you still run your heart out. I know things didn’t work out great for you in the end, but you are destined for great things and as bad as this sounds, I am secretly content that you are attending a nearby college because I have no idea what I would do without late night trips to safeway and midnight runs.

Lum, Lum, Lum. I don’t have to explain to you what happened on that first Cupertino Long Loop. Looking up at you and thinking how you were a “big, bad sophomore”. Little did I know that soon you would become one of the most influential people in my life. You’ve been through it all with me, you’ve run Priya’s repeats, shared an unnaturally clean room in Hawaii, slept next to me in a cramped tent in Tahoe. I could sit here and write out every little fun thing we’ve done together but I think wordpress has a word limit. Whether it was your blog or you running, you’ve always inspired me to work hard, to never stop running, to not pull off the trail and take a break. You’ve inspired me to strive to be the best and to love running. As a freshmen I saw you running everyday with a big smile on your face, talking about how much you love Cross Country and at first it didn’t make sense to me, Cross Country wasn’t a love for me yet, until I really met you. You were the one that brought me to loving running. As far as friends go, there are only a handful that can even be considered in the same league as you. You coached me through my freshmen and sophomore years, being the inspirational leader I needed, and even if your “last” season was disappointing you never let me run down that trail alone. You cheered your ass off at CCS for our whole team, you put your hand in for all our Woh-Bundys, you never skipped a chance to be with the XC Boys, and you picked me up when I was down. You’re the one that taught me that there are three things that runners do at the end of a race: make excuses, question whether he ran hard enough, or lays at the finish line, knowing he gave it all he had, and thanks to you I prefer the 3rd option. No matter what, you will always be a Runner, and the best one I’ve met for me. I never got to thank you for accompanying me to states last November, it meant so much to me to have someone cheer me on, even if I was having a bad race, you pulled me through and at the end I knew I gave it all I had. Thanks to you I live now with no regrets, there is nothing I would change in the past three years I’ve been a part of LHS XC. Even when you’re feeling the lowest of lows, you always lace up your running shoes and get back to the highest of highs.

These three years have been amazing and there aren’t any friends I’d rather have than you three. In just three seasons we went from being a bunch of weird, perverted runners, to becoming the XC Boys we’ll always remember. Thank you guys for everything, for running with me, for accepting me, for flying to Hawaii with me, for making CCS with me, for sloshing through the mud in Pepperdine with me, for running with me in the darkest times of night, and the earliest times of morning, for spotting me whenever I forget my money at lunch, for lightening up my day when I’m having a bad one, for not stopping until you tag the Lum tree, for running with me during the sunniest of summer days, coldest of autumn days, rainiest of winter days, for running 10 miles with me just because I want to, for showing me how amazing running is, for making me smile when my heart was frowning, for shaving all your heads with me, and most of all, thank you for being my best friends.

Woh Bundy.






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