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Our Flawed Running Shoe Selection Process: Great Post by Ian Griffiths on

Posted on February 19 2011

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I just read an excellent, evidence based post on running shoe selection by sports podiatrist Ian Griffiths over on In the post Griffiths does a great job picking apart our current process for selection of running shoes. Among other things, he discusses how we arrived at our current situation, why pronation control is a poor way to choose a shoe, why aligning all runners to the same neutral position makes no sense, why the ubiquitous wet footprint test is “nonsense,” and why simple comfort may be the best criterion upon which to base a shoe choice.

I’ve written on many of these same topics before here on Runblogger, and Griffiths does an excellent job summarizing everything in one place.  He also provides relevant citations to the scientific literature to back up his claims. I highly recommend that you give it a read:

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