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Pepperdine 2008

Posted on October 07 2008

The inevitable comparison between this year and last year has been brought up many times in the past few days, so I wont say which year was better. Both trips were amazing, while I will admit that neither of them were half as fun as Hawaii, they were both a blast. For old time’s sake I’m gonna do this Lum/Julia style.

Pictures of Lauren’s Mom. And so it begins. Vine-yard. Okay Vivek. Splashing Water in the bathroom. The vegetarian pasta. Theeuuuhhh. Night Run. The Cage. Things moving in the bushes. Big ass TV. The Moleman. Barfing Amrit. Nail polish. My nail polishing skills. Chianna’s hat. Nice Hat! Rahahaha. American Gangster. Lights out at 12… theeeuuhhh. Wake up at 5:45. The amazing bus driver. Scraper Bus. Tailgating. Vivek getting pushed by the huge guy in the race. JV boys have a good race. Me in the woman’s restroom. Amrit and his fascination with dogs. Black girl dancing. Jake and his pep talk. Strides before the race. The police siren GO! 2nd place (again). So tired after the race. “Warming Down”. Buying shirts and ditching Vivek. Jeep! Prius! BOX CAR! Punching for ugly girls. Papa Johns and McDonalds. Please remove item from bagging area. Jake holding Vivek. Swimming in the pool. Marco Polo => Chianna Theeeeuhhh!. Taking over the hot tub. 10 fingers. Getting pushed in by DiBiase. Throwing wet shirt at Vivek. Balls goes! Cindy’s “Tornado”. 3rd Street Promenade. “Dude, it’s a dog”. Penis Pokey. Superbad Drawings. Mercedes and Taxis. Charades… Mister Mom?? Air Force One?? SO rigged. Back to the hotel. “Party” In our room. Hella soda and lime chips. To Dibiases room. Pants off Dance off. Lap Tap. Slap Jack. Kemps. Back to our room. Mr. & Mrs. Singh. The Bradster. Brad Singh. Vivek Pitt. Spandex Dance. Duct Tape Waxing. “Lets do something”. “Lauren there is a picture of your mom on here..”. Everyone to sleep. Would you rather? “What are the options?”. Calling Chianna at 3 in the morning. Next day. Everyone tired. 6 flags. Gross Bagels. Tatsu. All the rides. Every loop the same at the end of the day. Rapids => Chianna getting soaked. Bumper cars. Jake taking pictures. Jakes creepy smile with Mrs.Flint. One more bus ride. Subway. Horrible driver. This means slow. More nail polish. Make up. Eyelash Curler = Tool of torture. French Braids. Luca: Guy => Girl. Chianna car sick. Amrit typing. One last curb to go over.

Pepperdine was fun. And it’s not the last XC trip. Even for your seniors, we atleast have one long drive to Monterey and hopefully one more to Fresno.

And so it begins…

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