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Preview of late 2011-early 2012 Minimalist Shoes from Merrell, Vivobarefoot, Inov-8, GoLite, Altra, and Teva (via Damien Tougas at Toesalad)

Posted on August 22 2011

Damien Tougas from Toesalad recently attended the Outdoor Retailers Show in Utah, and posted several videos highlighting new shoe offerings set to be released at the more minimalist end of the running shoe spectrum. Below are a selection from Merrell, Vivobarefoot, Inov-8, GoLite, Altra, and Teva. To see videos from other manufacturers, check out Damien’s YouTube channel or visit Toesalad.

Merrell – Gotta say, the Merrell Road Glove might be the shoe I’m looking forward to trying more than any other right now. I can vouch that Merrell is true to their word when they say they solicited feedback from the minimalist community when they were designing the shoe, and I’m really excited to see that the shoe will come in under 5oz and will have a flat outsole.
VivoBarefoot – I’m a big fan of VivoBarefoot shoes. I’ve been wearing the Ultra (which I love), Achilles, and Neo (reviews on the latter two coming soon) quite a bit this summer, and the VivoBarefoot Aqua is my go to work shoe. Most excited about the the Neo Trail and the kid’s Ultra. The hiking boot looks like an interesting option for winter.

Inov-8 – I just reviewed my first pair of Inov-8 shoes (the Road-X 233) and was fairly well impressed. Buzz around their zero-drop 2012 releases has been very positive from folks who have seen them, and they continue to do a great job providing a wide spectrum of shoe options.

GoLite – These guys are headquartered just down the road from me in NH, so I’ve been watching their stuff for awhile. In fact, one of the first non-Vibram zero-drop shoes I ran in was a GoLite shoe. Unfortunately, GoLite’s shoes have tended to be stiff and heavy, but that looks to be changing a bit with their 2012 line.

Altra – not much new here from Altra, but they indicate that the Adam and Eve will be released soon.

Teva – No running shoes here, but what you wear the rest of the day can be just as important as what you wear on your runs. I’ll be giving the Zilch a trial myself soon (I’ve worn Teva sandals during the summer for a long, long time), but even more excited about the kid’s version due to come out in 2012. Love seeing more flat options for kids!

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