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Push the limits

Posted on February 08 2017

Photocredit: Red Bull Content pool

“It would be pretty hard to top the Appalachian Trail record in 2017. That was a big stamp on my career, and taking a break does sound appealing. However, it’s not how I’m wired. I need to push limits to stay happy, so racing well is important to me. In 2017, my plan is to run strong at a few larger races, those being Hardrock and Run Rabbit Run. Typically after doing very long FKTs, the following year has been a good strong year. I am focusing on racing hard at these events and hoping I can still hang with the kiddos at age 49.”- HOKA Athlete Karl Meltzer 

Karl’s nickname is the Speedgoat, and he was the influence behind the Speedgoat shoe.


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