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Raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle

Posted on October 13 2017

22339000_1767435586632255_8584315165367831709_o“At age 25, I smoked 60 cigarettes per day. One day, I decided to try running to quit smoking. Over the years, it became my biggest passion to the point that I left my job as a financial analyst to dedicate all of my time to running. Now at 45, I work with a team of 80 runners, and I’m dedicated to giving motivational talks telling my story. This year, I decided to run across the three largest countries in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Chile) to raise awareness about living a healthy lifestyle. Chile has the highest rate of childhood obesity in Latin America. One year ago, I started eating a plant-based diet, and I want to show that an athlete can achieve something as extraordinary as crossing Latin America while eating this way. I am now in the middle of Argentina with a total of 2,400 km traveled. I hope to finish my crossing in Santiago in early October.”- HOKA ambassador Matias Anguita

Matias is wearing the Arahi. 


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