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Re-write a new narrative

Posted on January 14 2017

14264041_1280503585325460_8218329629562668050_n“Running community means energy, empowerment and no judgement. Running fast doesn’t make you a runner, running makes you a runner. When you can share that with other people it creates energy, friendships and therapy. It’s amazing how a run can de-stress you, change your attitude and ultimately change your day. It’s rare to get done with a run and say, ‘I wish I would not have done that.’ The hardest part is showing up to meet the group. Once you do that you’re always glad you went. Stop the story in your head that says, ‘you’re not a runner.’ So often we stop ourselves before we have even started because we create the story: ‘I’m not a runner, I’m too slow, what if I can’t keep up?’ It truly doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go, what matters is that you just go.”- HOKA Ambassador Jenny Schatzle

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