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Recommended Read: Phil Latter of Running Times on Running Injuries

Posted on March 16 2013

After a week-and-a-half on vacation with my family, and a subsequent jam-packed week at the day job, I’m chomping at the bit to get back to a regular writing schedule. I have a lot of material lined up: guest reviews of the Patagonia Evermore and NB 890 v3, personal reviews of the Saucony Virrata and NB MR10 v2, a summary of my experience at the Saucony Running Lab (with video and data!), and a commentary on the recent Vibram Fivefingers bone damage study are all in the works (can’t wait to tackle the latter topic).

But, given time limitations this week, I’m going to instead keep things short and recommend another great article from Running Times by Phil Latter. As with the book excerpt I linked to earlier this week, this is in part shameless self-promotion since I was interviewed for the article, but Phil has done a very nice job covering a very complex issue.

To read Phil’s piece on running injuries, titled Rethinking Running Health, head on over to the Running Times website.

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