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Review of Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs

Posted on August 27 2011

NuunShortly after my crash and burn at the Boston Marathon this year, where I wound up post-race in the med tent with mild hyponatremia, I was contacted by the folks at Nuun (apparently pronounced “noon” and not “none,” though I prefer to call it the latter, just like I prefer to say Vybram rather than Veebram and Teeva rather than Tevah). Not surprisingly, since they don’t make shoes, they wanted to know if I wanted to give their hydration tablets a try (i.e., this review is way overdue!). Given my hydration issues at Boston, I figured it was worth a shot to try something new. After a summer of using the product, here’s my take.

This is going to be a pretty short review because there isn’t a whole lot for me to dissect with this product. In a nutshell, Nuun is a tube containing 12 tablets, and it is currently available in 11 different flavors. To make a drink, you just pop a tablet into 16 oz of water, and the tablet fizzes away like an Alka Seltzer (it’s kind of cool to watch – my kid’s love doing it for me, but I resisted the urge to film the fizz in slow motion). In a few minutes you have a very mild tasting electrolyte drink. Nuun is by no means sweet, and I rather enjoy the subdued taste. I also like that Nuun is not loaded with sugar – only 8 calories per tablet. I rarely take any fuel on my runs unless they are 20 milers or marathons, so for me the added sugar of Gatorade or something like that is unwanted. The catch is that Nuun does contain the artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium – given my penchant for diet soda, I’m generally not one to complain about such things (I’m by no means a paragon of nutritional excellence!). But, if artificial sweeteners are not your thing, perhaps better to look elsewhere.

Nuun sent me a variety of flavors to try, and I honestly haven’t had one yet that I don’t like – fruit punch might be my favorite of the ones I have tried so far. I usually drink Nuun on hot days either before or after my runs – can’t honestly comment on its effectiveness as I haven’t been running long much this summer. Furthermore, I tend to find it hard to attest the effectiveness of any type of supplement, which is why I usually avoid reviewing them (that, along with the fact that I don’t use many supplements to begin with). But, I’d seen Nuun around on enough occasions (race expos, my local EMS store) that my curiosity got the better of me in this case.

Perhaps the best thing about Nuun is that a few tubes can last a really long time, and the fact that it comes in tablet form makes it easy to throw a few into a pocket if you anticipate needing to mix a drink on the run – much easier than dealing with powder.

All in all, I’ve had a very positive experience with Nuun, and foresee myself continuing to use it after my current stash runs out.

Nuun is avaialable at Running Warehouse:

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