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RoadID: Safety on Your Runs

Posted on July 22 2009

I’ve been thinking of buying a RoadID for quite some time, but never really thought it was all that necessary for running around the neighborhoods near my house. This summer, however, I took a trip to Florida and made the mistake of running in the noontime sun one day. I brought icewater and my cellphone, and only did 3 miles (it was a boneheaded idea, but at least I prepared), but by the time I got back to the house I was feeling lightheaded and was clearly overheating. I was beginning to see flickering stars as I stopped, and I hate to say it, but if I hadn’t arrived home at that moment, I might have succumbed to the heat and passed out. Fainting in the noontime sun in FL would obviously have been very bad, and if I’d been further from home without any ID, first responders would not have had any way to contact my wife.

RoadID Wrist ID - OriginalAt that moment, I realized that having something like the RoadID was a really good idea, even when running around the neighborhoods back home. You never really know what might go wrong on a run, and it’s best to be prepared in the event of an emergency. In the summer, heat can sneak up on you really quick, and passing out is not out of the question if you overdo it or haven’t prepared properly with lots of cool water. $19.99 for the classic RoadID is a small price to pay for safety in the event of an emergency, and as a parent of two small kids, I find this to be more important now than ever – this is why my first RoadID is being shipped to me as I write this.

RoadID ShoeIDThe RoadID comes in several different flavors, including two forms of wristband, a shoe ID that attaches to your laces, an ankle band, and a dog-tag like ID. On each of these, you can choose up to six lines of text for personal information, emergency phone #’s, etc. They’re also launching a new service called RoadID Interactive that lets you, if you choose to pay a bit extra, “build a fully updateable, secure Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that is available to first responders via telephone and internet.

To top it all off, the people at RoadID are very customer oriented, and highly responsive to e-mail contact. Shipping is only $1.49, and the turnaround to ship after you place an order is quick (mine is on its way only a day or two after my order was placed).

If you’re interested, the people at Road ID sent me a coupon code to share with readers. It’s only a dollar off, but hey, every bit helps I guess! Here’s the code to copy and enter when you purchase: ThanksPeter516021

For more info, visit the RoadID website. You can also follow RoadID on Twitter.

Run safe!

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