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#RoadtoPIM: Week 1

Posted on December 27 2016


I have laid the roadmap to achieving my running goal in 2017. First, I need to bring down my weight to 50 kg. At the moment, I weigh around 53 kg. I plan to achieve it over 4 marathons and it starts with a marathon in March, Pahang International Marathon (which I have not registered yet).

I actually started training for the marathon 3 weeks ago but I decided to give it some tweaks. I was using Runner’s World training plan but figured out that I needed more tempo runs. I compare that training plan with the one on Strava. There are two distinct differences between the two. Strava’s training plan has more tempo runs and incorporates fartleks in place of structured intervals. After comparing both, I decide to follow Strava’s.

This training cycle will be documented here, on Instagram as well as Strava.

Day 1: Monday (Dec 19) – Easy

The cycle started with a 50 minutes easy run around the neighbourhood.

Mileage: 9.6 km. | Weight: 52.2 kg.


Day 2: Tuesday (Dec 20) – Fartlek

This fartlek session was initially scheduled on Wednesday. But since I had an interview on Wednesday, I ran this workout a day early. I ran 16 x 1:1 fartlek, 1 minute hard, 1 minute recovery jog. Target pace was between 5k-10k pace. It did not hurt as much as intervals as each fast interval lasted only a minute. Even though I felt good throughout the workout and felt that I could run a lot more reps, I was aware that I needed to ease off the pedal a little bit.

Mileage: 12.6 km. | Weight: 52.1 kg.


Day 3: Wednesday (Dec 21) – Rest

I decided to take the day off since I was travelling for an interview and the legs were a bit sore from yesterday’s hard workout. I had KFC for lunch and that would explain why my weight increased tomorrow.

Mileage: 0 km. | Weight: 52.1 kg.

Day 4: Thursday (Dec 22) – Easy

I was late and tried to finish my run before dusk. I got too carried away and ran my easy run too fast. My legs became really sore after the run.

Mileage: 13.0 km. | Weight: 52.9 kg.


Day 5: Friday (Dec 23) – Easy

Today’s tough was hard to the legs. I paid the price of going too fast yesterday. My baby girl turned 8 months old today.

Mileage: 12.2 km. | Weight: 52.1 kg.


Day 6: Saturday (Dec 24) – Cycling

Woke up early for my long run. But my mind was playing tricks with me. I was not sure whether my legs were really sore, but they definitely were in my mind. I hesitated and it became too late. I went out cycling for 40 minutes instead. I adjusted the saddle height and it fitted better. This was followed by 10 minutes of core workout.

Weight: 52.8 kg.


Day 7: Sunday (Dec 25) – Long Run

Being lazy to run yesterday turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I just moved my long run a day closer to my birthday. The plan was to run 23 kilometres in 2 hours or so. When I reached Titiwangsa, I was not feeling it though. I dreaded the distance. I was not too sure that I could run 23 kilometres. 2 laps in, I started to feel a lot better though. I ran 28 kilometres at Titiwangsa on my 28th birthday and decided to continue the tradition of running my age on my birthday, a day early this year. I wanted to do my long runs on empty stomach but I felt so weak that I had to have half of a banana before the run. I stopped few times during the run to replenish with water, 1oo plus, and banana.

Mileage: 29.0 km. | Weight: 53.3 kg.



Apart from sore legs in the middle of the week, I felt good throughout the week. All workouts were easy to complete. But I had to run easy runs really easy. I am not too sure why my weight increases from 52.2 to 53.3 kg though. I need to document what I eat too I guess. I don’t really understand my body as I can lose as much as 1.5 kg (water loss) from an hour run. Or maybe I need to buy a new scale.

Weekly Mileage: 76.5 km. | Time Spent: 6h 39m.

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