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#RoadtoPIM: Week 2

Posted on January 05 2017

It is almost Friday in Week 3 but I am just about to recap my Week 2 of training.

Day 8: Monday (Dec 26) – Rest

Today I turn 29. The clock is ticking. Only 365 days left for me to fulfil my ultimate goal. I decide to take the day off to spend time and celebrate with family. My wife cooked me soto. It is delicious and I eat a lot.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: 53.8 kg.

Day 9: Tuesday (Dec 27) – Tempo

Age is catching up with me. The plan is to run tempo between 4.8 to 8 kilometres. I usually run my tempo at the track but I want to set CR on three Strava segments at Titiwangsa before it closes for two years for River of Life project. At 29, it is hard to maintain 4’20 min/km pace. I manage to set 2 CR on two Strava segments and fail to attempt the third and slowest segment. I run out of juice and stop after 5.7 kilometres and fail to complete the last segment. I will be back.

Mileage: 12.1 km| Weight: 53.6 kg.


Day 10: Wednesday (Dec 28) – 60′ Easy

It is mandatory to go easy after a hard workout. My legs clearly have not recovered from yesterday’s strenuous tempo. I run easy for 60 minutes around the hood.

Mileage: 11.1 km | Weight: 53.4 kg. 


Day 11: Thursday (Dec 29) – 2:1 Fartlek

I arrive early at the track for 2:1 fartlek only to be told that it is closed for the day for a film shooting. Luckily there is a nearby stretch with enough length for 2 minutes hard reps. I manage to do 8 reps of 2 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery jog fartlek. Target pace is 5k-10k pace. My legs are trashed.

Mileage: 12.1 km | Weight: 52.6 kg.


Day 12: Friday (Dec 30) – Easy + Strides

I am still recuperating from the stress of Tuesday’s tempo and yesterday’s fartlek. Easy feels like hard to the legs. I barely run easy for 60 minutes before adding some strides at the end. Brief core workout followed.

Mileage: 12.5 km | Weight: 53.0 kg.


Day 13: Saturday (Dec 31) – Bidding Farewell to Titiwangsa

I clearly in need of a break from running to let my legs recuperate properly. But I am going for a short family trip to Malacca on Sunday. So I have to cram a long run today. Today is the last day of 2016, also ‘the last day’ of Titiwangsa. The River of Life project is scheduled to commence in January 2017. I decide to bid goodbye to 2016 and Titiwangsa by running a long run. I suffer today. I am not feeling as good as last week’s long run although I run a lot shorter. It is probably due to the fatigue that accumulates from two hard workouts earlier of the week as well as lack of sleep for the past few days.

Mileage: 23.3 km | Weight: 52.4 kg.


Day 14: Sunday (Jan 1) – Happy New Year

I welcome the new year with nasi lemak for breakfast, asam pedas for lunch, and seafood and ikan bakar for dinner. While others are running 20.17 kilometres to welcome 2017, I have probably 2.017 kilograms already.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: 53.2 kg.


Week 2 is a quite hard week where I do two hard workouts as well as one long run. It is probably wise to take a day off from running before the long run but I just have to cram it for Malacca trip. My legs are trashed but I am taking a break from running for two days for the Malacca trip. So my legs shall be fresh to start Week 3.

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