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#RoadtoPIM: Week 4

Posted on January 20 2017

Day 22: Monday (Jan 8) – Prelude to Strength

Today’s plan is not to run. I incorporate strength/core workout on days where I don’t run. But to make the core/strength workouts more effective, some sort of cardio has to be done before the workout. I only know one cardio workout that I am good at, which is running. So I go out for an easy run for 20 minutes before doing 30 minutes of strength workout.

In the evening, I bring Adlea and wife for a walk at FRIM. It is Adlea’s 101 to the nature. To many more outdoor adventures with wife and Adlea.


Mileage: 3.6 km | Weight: 52.7 kg.

Day 23: Tuesday (Jan 9) – Fartlek TakLek

Wheewww… This is a tough one. 16 x 1:1 fartlek, 1 minute hard 1 minute easy. Ideally I will like to have this done on the track. But nearest track is 20 minutes and RM 2.50 away. So I do it at a 800m shaded stretch nearby. The thick canopy poses a problem for the GPS. GPS is slow to react to changes of pace. Often time, I exceed the intended pace. Form is sluggish where I lock up my shoulders too tightly. It takes 10 reps for me to relax. However, once I am loosening my upper body a little bit, my cadence starts to drop. From 188 spm in the first few reps down to 174 in the last rep. This surely is a concern.


Mileage: 12.8 km | Weight: 53.0 kg.

Day 24: Wednesday (Jan 10) – Cardiovascularly Easy Musculoskeletally Moderate

50 minutes easy around the neighbourhood. Easy runs are cut short to prepare for a big 20 milers on the weekend. Although breathing is easy but my legs are still feeling from the trashing of yesterday’s fartlek. 15 minutes of strength workout follows.


Mileage: 9.9 km | Weight: 52.6 kg.

Day 25: Thursday (Jan 11) – Melancholy

Today is supposed to be tempo intervals session at the track. The program is to run 5 reps of 2,000m at 4’05-4’15 min/km pace with 400m recovery between reps. Unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs and I have to abandon the workout after 1-4/5 th reps.


Mileage: 4.9 km | Weight: 52.0 kg.

Day 26: Friday (Jan 12) – Tempo Intervals

Tempo interval is new to me. Before this it was either tempo or intervals. Today’s menu is 5 reps of 2000m at 4’05-4’15 min/km with 400m float recovery. I almost stop at 4th reps not due to fatigue, but laziness. I am glad that I do not listen to my inner voice.  I am happier that I keep those tempo intervals within pace range, bar 1st rep where I go slightly faster. I feel good throughout as I should be as this is not a vo2max workout. 12 hours post-workout, my legs are starting to feel the brunt of the workout.


Mileage: 17.7 km | Weight: 51.9 kg.

Day 27: Saturday (Jan 13) – Rest

Yesterday was a tough workout. I plan to cycle today. However due to indiscipline, I stayed up late doing nothing last night. I am too tired when I wake up in the morning. I decide to take the day off and be sedentary.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 28: Sunday (Jan 14) – Weakest Link

According to the training plan, today is a long run day of 2-3 hours or 28.8-32.2 kilometres. But for the umpteenth time, I lack of discipline. I stayed up late last night doing nothing again. I oversleep and decide that it is too late to run a 20 miler. I tell myself to run it at night. I used to enjoy running at night especially when I was working in Labuan. But not anymore. I wait for my daughter to sleep and my wife to settle down before heading out of the door. When I reach Titiwangsa for the run, it is already close to 9:00 PM. The night is surprisingly humid than morning. My slowest long run pace is supposed to be 5’30 min/km but after few kilometres, I struggle to run the pace despite already working harder than usual. I stop to replenish after the 4th loop and it goes downhill onward. I don’t know how do people do it. Second wind, east wind, etc. Once I am defeated, there is no way that I am coming back. This happens in all four marathons that I have run. I stop and walk so many times before calling the long run off. 20 miles become 16 miles become 2 hours become 16 kilometres. This is the first key workout that I fail to complete in this cycle. I feel disgusted with myself for being so weak.


Mileage: 16.1 km | Weight: N/A.


I run 6 days this week. But two of those days are warm up to strength and abandoned run. I end the week with the shortest weekly mileage and shortest running time in the entire cycle. I do not even reach my target of 70 km/week. I am most disappointed with myself for not being able to complete even half the distance of my long run. This is the end of Week 4 already, but instead of getting stronger, I feel weaker. This is not supposed to happen. I won’t re-do the long run and need to get over it soon and get on with the rest of the program.

Weekly Mileage: 65.3 kilometres. Running Time: 5h 43m.

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