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#RoadtoPIM: Week 6

Posted on February 04 2017

Days pass so quickly. I am now in the middle of the training cycle, Week 6 of 12. Am I getting better, stronger? To be frank, I do not know. All I know is I got to believe in the process.

Day 36: Monday (Jan 22) – 20 Ffffff Miles

First 20 milers in this training cycle. I stop to replenish three times. Physically, I feel good. Mentally, it is boring to run Titiwangsa loop for 3 hours. I am glad I get this off my back.


Mileage: 32.3 km | Weight: 53.2 kg.

Day 37: Tuesday (Jan 23) – Recovery

Legs are still recovering from yesterday’s 20 miles. Run, jog, walk, repeat.


Mileage: 5.3 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 38: Wednesday (Jan 24) – 5k Tempo Pace Anaerobic Effort

Today’s workout is 3-6 miles tempo. Head out to do 5 miles. Run too fast in the first two kilometres and what is supposed to be tempo quickly becomes anaerobic. So I decide to stop after 5 kilometres and continue with strides and strength.


Mileage: 10.0 km | Weight: 53.0 kg.

Day 39: Thursday (Jan 25) – Rest

I still haven’t fully recovered from Monday’s long run and yesterday’s tempo impede recovery. Thus, I decide to rest today.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 40: Friday (Jan 26) – 1:1 Fartlek

I am back in my hometown for my sister in law solemnisation. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Sungai Petani takes 9 hours with many stops. I get to rest for about 1 hour before heading out for this workout. I am too tired and my back is aching but I need to get this done no matter what. The uneven surface of the tarmac compounds the misery. I run by feel instead of relying heavily on pace. I do 14 reps of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy and barely survive.


Mileage: 9.0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 41: Saturday (Jan 27) – 60′ Easy

I manage to squeeze 60′ of easy running before attending sister in law’s solemnisation and heading back to Kuala Lumpur. Few days prior, I received three emails from Strava that I had lost all three CR at three Strava segments around Cinta Sayang Loop. I lost them to a better runner. Those three CR are within reach but my long term goal is the only thing matters at the moment, not some nobody-cares Strava glory. I will be back for these three CR.


Mileage: 11.4 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 42: Sunday (Jan 28) – Fast Finish Long Run

Big workout today. 10km easy + 10km @MRP(marathon race pace) + 1.2km @>MRP. 10km easy is made easier when running with my brother, @_tamagi. Heart rate and breathing are okay when the pace picks up to MRP but when it’s time for 1.6km @10k pace, my legs refuse to cooperate and I have to settle for a slightly faster than MRP. A slight regret that I stop 400m short but overall I am satisfied with the workout. I am also delighted to survive the workout on empty stomach. Only have half a pear and few sips of 100Plus pre workout and doesn’t take any fuel or fluid during the workout. Cadence is a concern though. Highest cadence is recorded during easy portion before dropping during MRP, and becomes worse during the last 1.2k. It is supposed to be the other way round where cadence goes up with faster pace. More drills needed.


Mileage: 22.9 km | Weight: 53.9 kg.


6 days of running clocking over 8 hours of running time. This is due to the 20 mile long runs that is supposed to be done last week. I am glad that I finally get my first 20 milers done. I am also satisfied with Fast Finish Long Run workout albeit a miscalculation. The plan asks for at least a 1h 45m workout which I fulfil but with a minimum distance of 14 miles. I only run 13+ miles. I should have add another while on MRP section. It is no big deal really. I don’t seem to be able to keep my weight down. I end the week with probably my heaviest weight of the cycle. 53.9 KG! This is because I have been devouring spicy oily unhealthy food when I go back to my hometown. Pasembur, yong tau foo, mee sotong, ayam penyet, nasi kenduri, seem-harmless-but-lethal kerepek pisang, and many more. I need to stop this binge eating if I really want to do this.

Weekly Mileage: 90.8 kilometres. Running Time: 8h 1m.

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