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#RoadtoPIM: Week 7

Posted on February 13 2017

Day 43: Monday (Jan 30) – 50′ Easy

Recovering from yesterday’s Fast Finish Long Run.


Mileage: 9.0 km | Weight: 52.9 kg.

Day 44: Tuesday (Jan 31) – 60′ Easy

Taking it easy for two consecutive days as I am still recovering from Sunday’s Fast Finish Long Run followed by 40′ of core/strength workout.


Mileage: 10.9 km | Weight: 52.6 kg.

Day 45: Wednesday (Feb 1) – Rest

Taking a further rest from last week’s workload.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 46: Thursday (Feb 2) – 2 x 3 miles Tempo Intervals

Plan: 2-3 x 3 miles Tempo at 4’05-4’15 min/km with 4 minutes active recovery. Completed: 2 x 3 miles at (1st rep) 4’09 min/km & (2nd rep) 4’14 min/km. 1st rep is a breeze where upper body is relaxed yet I manage to keep the pace in check. 2nd rep is a bit laboured where my upper body starts to tighten up, heavier breathing and I have to work to stay within the pace range. I am still feeling good at the end of 2nd rep but laziness starts to kick in. I decide to do strength workout instead of running the 3rd rep. Overall, I am satisfied with today’s workout and for that, I deserve a plate of rojak sotong.


Mileage: 14.9 km | Weight: 52.6 kg.

Day 47: Friday (Feb 3) – 75′ Easy

Easy day after yesterday’s tempo intervals. The hardest thing is to step outside and take the first few steps. 


Mileage: 14.1 km | Weight: 52.4 kg.

Day 48: Saturday (Feb 4) – Ride Up Bukit Tunku

Taking the day off from running and cycle instead. It is my first ride of 2017 where I get my first fall and chain drop within 5 minutes of riding. Always love the suffer cycling up Bukit Tunku.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A kg.

Day 49: Sunday (Feb 5) – 180′ Long

I vow not to do my long run around KL City Centre as GPS is not accurate. But I wake up late and Putrajaya is too far away. Pace, distance are not important. The most important thing is time on feet. I am forced to take a toilet break after 1.8 kilometres. Since I have to stop for long, I treat is as a warm up. I run 3 loops of KL Car Free Morning plus few hundred metres for a half-marathon. The pace is always flattering but I know it is inaccurate. Stop at Dataran Merdeka to down few cups of free 100Plus before continuing my run around Lake Garden and ending my long run with 2 loops of Lake Garden for a total of 3 hours.


Mileage: 34.7 km | Weight: 53.9 kg.


Another big week of training. Two key workouts , tempo intervals on Thursday and long run on Sunday. I slightly regret my decision to do 2 reps of tempo intervals when I still have a lot in the tank. I manage to get 3 hours time on feet but I need to cut down on stops and walks. One more big 22 miles long run before the race and I will try to minimise stops and walks. I am also happy to squeeze in my first ride of the year albeit a short one.

Weekly Mileage: 83.8 kilometres. Running Time: 7h 14m.

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