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#RoadtoPIM: Week 8

Posted on February 14 2017

Hey hey hey. I think I have outdone myself this week. Last week’s update on Tuesday. How about that? Here’s what happened last week in training.

Day 50: Monday (Feb 6) – Rest

Body is getting too old and taking too long to recover. Although yesterday’s long run was not intense, my body is still aching from the duration of the long run. It is important to recover properly.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 51: Tuesday (Feb 7) – 50′ Easy

I start Week 8 with 40′ core/strength workout in the morning and 50′ easy with Kyserun Krew. It has been awhile since I run with these bunch. Always a good time. I arrive 10′ late and push a little bit in the first 3 kilometres to catch up with the group and ease off then.


Mileage: 8.8 km | Weight: 52.4 kg.

Day 52: Wednesday (Feb 8) – 50′ Easy

It is supposed to be 50′ easy but in actuality it is a laboured 50′. I feel sluggish and still recovering from last week’s training load. Going moderate last night to catch up with the group also contributes to the fatigue. Legs and breathing feel heavy.

Mileage: 9.4 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 53: Thursday (Feb 9) – Yasso 800s

Another 10 reps of 800m (3’11, 3’14, 3’11, 3’14, 3’11, 3’10, 3’09, 3’13, 3’09, 3’12) with 3’15 recovery between reps. I’m 3s slower compared to last Yasso I did few weeks ago despite the fact that I walk more instead of jog during recovery. I should feel stronger instead of weaker. What’s going on?


Mileage: 16.0 km | Weight: 52.2 kg.

Day 54: Friday (Feb 10) – Rest

I feel extra tired this week so I skip my morning run to recuperate. Come evening, I still ain’t feeling much better. I decide to take the day off from running and run marathon-specific workout, Fast Finish Long Run tomorrow.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: 52.6 kg.

Day 55: Saturday (Feb 11) – 40′ Easy

The plan is to run Fast Finish Long Run early morning. But my daughter woke up at 11PM last night and refused to go back to sleep. My wife and I tried to entertain her and put her back to sleep to no avail. By 1AM she was still awake. I was too tired and sleepy that I felt asleep before my daughter. Thank you Wife for persevering and finally succeeded in putting her to sleep at 2AM. I am not getting enough rest and run easy for 40′ instead.


Mileage: 7.1 km | Weight: N/A kg.

Day 56: Sunday (Feb 12) – Fast Finish Long Run (Incomplete)

I appreciate my wife for allowing me time and space to go out for hours to run. When she suddenly wants to play netball at Janda Baik even though I already have plan to run, I duly say yes to her. Instead of waking up early for fast finish long run, we wake up and drive to Janda Baik for a netball match and picnic. Later, we drive to Sungai Buloh to my uncle’s for a kenduri doa selamat. The kambing golek is worth the drive. By the time we get home, it is already 8PM. I have been awake for 14 hours and feel so tired. I am contemplating whether to run the fast finish long run or postpone it to tomorrow.  Although this week is a recovery week, the mileage is too low. After almost 1 hour of contemplation, I drive out to Desa Park City instead of Putrajaya. My tummy is not feeling well from the food that I eat at the picnic and kenduri doa selamat. I have to take a lengthy toilet break before running. It is not until 10:38PM before I start to run. It is too little too late and I am too little too tired and sleepy. The plan is to run easy for the first 10k and speed up to target marathon pace (TMP) for the next 15k before finishing it off with a mile or so at 10k pace. The first easy 10k is easy indeed, but when the speed ramps up to TMP, my tummy and rectum start to rumble synchronously. I need to go to the toilet again. I try to hold and it comes and goes. I am working hard yet I fail to hit my TMP. I am just too tired. Tiredness, drowsiness, loneliness and darkness are too much. After 7 kilometres into my TMP, I decide to call it a day. I am disappointed that I am not able to complete this marathon-specific Fast Finish Long Run workout and I will have to do it again as soon as possible.


Mileage: 16.9 km | Weight: 52.4kg.


This week is supposed to be a recovery week where the mileage drops a little while keeping the intensity level the same. If Yasso is any indicator, I am 3 minutes slower/weaker despite resting more between reps (same recovery time, less jog, more stationary). It is a concern albeit a small one, but the biggest concern is my inability to complete the fast finish long run. Too many toos. Too tired, too sleepy, too many excuses. I felt like racing while trying to keep my pace at target marathon pace. Coupled with upset tummy, I quit halfway. On the bright side, I maintain running consistently, 5 days a week with a couple of strength/core sessions. I am going to run the fast finish long run next week.

Weekly Mileage: 58.4 kilometres. Running Time: 5h 3m.

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