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#RoadtoPIM: Week 9

Posted on February 22 2017

Big week of this training cycle.

Day 57: Monday (Feb 13) – Rest

The plan is to repeat the Fast Finish Long Run workout that I failed to complete yesterday. However, I am not feeling quite well. Skip the entire day.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 58: Tuesday (Feb 14) – 45′ Easy

I hate running in the morning despite doing most of my runs in the morning. I used to be a night vigilante where I roamed the streets at night, but not anymore due to safety concerns as well as family commitment. Running empty is not the reason why I hate running in the morning. It is my morning ritual. No matter what I eat the night before, I have to spend some time in the toilet first thing in the morning. If I skip my daily morning toilet ritual, it will haunt me when I am out there running. This morning is an instance where I pay the price of skipping my morning ritual. I have to stop to find a toilet in the middle of my run. Fortunately there is a KTM station nearby but I have to cut my run short.


Mileage: 8.1 km | Weight: N/A kg.

Day 59: Wednesday (Feb 15) – Rest

I am not too sure what I eat wrong last night. I am awoken many times last night to visit the loo. I can’t sleep. Clearly, I wake up not feeling well-rested. I try to shake it off by taking a prolong rest but it becomes worse. Soon, I start to lose appetite and become weak. This concerns me knowing the importance of this week in term of training, as well as bringing the incomplete fast finish long run workout to this week. I already have a day off on Monday and I can’t afford another one today. But I am too weak to even get out of my bed. This is when I decide not to redo the fast finish long run from last week.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 60: Thursday (Feb 16) – Junk Miles

I am still having diarrhea and my body is still weak. I try to rest as much as I can but not eating properly affects my energy level greatly. I know that I have to go out and do some light exercises to shake off this illness. I go out to the nearest park for a short jog/run. On my way to the park, I realise that I do not bring my socks with me. So I decide to run barefoot. I manage to squeeze 3 kilometres despite hurting my sole running on uneven tarmac. I don’t have any problem running barefoot on soft surfaces like grass but at the end of my run, I hurt both of my knees. This run does not serve any purpose in term of the marathon training apart from an attempt to shake off this illness. Therefore they are 3 junk kilometres.


Mileage: 3.1 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 61: Friday (Feb 17) – 50′ Easy

I am still feeling week due to the calories deficit but at least I am feeling better. Yesterday’s junk miles help. I have a tempo workout scheduled for this week and today is the last day to get it done so that I have a day recovery for the Sunday’s 22 milers. I reassess my condition and take a decision not to rush things off. I haven’t fully-recovered yet. The most important thing now is to get my energy level back up again before attempting hard workouts. 50′ easy today.


Mileage: 9.7 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 62: Saturday (Feb 18) – Rest

I am not only losing fitness level, I am losing motivation as well. I take today off from running.

Mileage: 0 km | Weight: N/A.

Day 63: Sunday (Feb 19) – 10 Miles

KL Car Free today. I intend to do my last big long run today which is 22 milers despite the fact that I am still feeling unwell. I wake up early and spend a long time in the toilet to prevent any unplanned toilet break during my long run. I start my run from Lake Garden but once I reach Lake Garden, I have to spend some more time at the toilet again. This is frustrating. I am feeling good for the first few kilometres. 45′ in, my tummy feels so empty. I know that I am in trouble and I don’t have enough calories to sustain my long run. I stop for 100Plus but it only quenches my thirst not my appetite. I run another loop of KL Car Free before stopping again for free 100Plus. I can’t do this. I am not in the right condition, I am not in the right mind. My energy and motivation levels are at all-time low. I call it a day after completing 10 miles. I actually walk the last few hundreds metres to complete the 10 miles.


Mileage: 17.7 km | Weight: N/A.


Anything that can go wrong, goes wrong this week. It is supposed to be the biggest weak during this training cycle where I am supposed to peak in term of endurance, stamina and belief. Instead of peaking, I am physically and mentally at the lowest point of this training cycle. I only run 4 days this week and that includes a day of junk miles. In truth, I run 3 days this week with a total mileage of 38.9 kilometres and total time of 3h 23m. No cross-training or strength/core workouts either. I miss all key workouts too. Perhaps, my motivation takes as much hit as my endurance. I did not update my Instagram account at all last week and I did not take note of my daily weight. With 3 weeks left before the marathon, I believe that my A-goal is no longer attainable. I now have B and C goals. Even B Goal is probably too much. Time is running out but the only direction is forward. There is no point of lamenting the missing opportunities. It is now time to compromise. The tempo from this week will be carried forward to next week and I will have to combine my big long run with fast finish long run next week. Maybe not as long as 22 miles, but I aim for at least 20 miles. I hope I can shake this illness off completely soon so that I can get back on track soon.

Weekly Mileage: 38.9 kilometres. Running Time: 3h 23m.

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