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RP#16: Barefoot and Minimalist Running: A Word of Caution

Posted on March 28 2010

Runblogger Podcast LogoEpisode #16 of the Runblogger Podcast covers some of my concerns about the recent barefoot and minimalist (e.g., Vibram Fivefingers) vs. typically shod running debate, and provide a word of caution about jumping into barefoot/minimalist running too quickly. Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make here is that the fact that we all are running is more important than what we do, or do not, put on our feet.

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-At the beginning of this podcast I reference the Book Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. You can read my review of Born to Run here.

-If you’re interested in the Nature article on barefoot vs. shod running by Daniel Lieberman and colleagues, you can find it here:

-Here is a nice write-up on the research of Daniel Lieberman’s study from the Boston Globe:

-And finally, here is a really nice companion site to the Nature article from Daniel Lieberman’s group at Harvard University:

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