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Runblogger Photo-Run #1 – Ocean Park, Maine (8/1/2009)

Posted on August 04 2009

This past weekend I traveled to Ocean Park, Maine on a camping trip with the family. It’s a beautiful spot on the Maine coast, and I decided to go on a run along some of the ocean-side roads in town – below are some pictures I took along the way (you can watch a slideshow of the entire run at the bottom as well):

In addition to the above, I’ve also been playing around with a little device called the I-GotU 120 (the company that makes it sent me one to play with and review/provide feedback). It’s a small GPS logger that records your movements and then geotags any photos you take along the way. The GPS track can be synced into Google Earth, and your photos pop up at the appropriate spot along the route you recorded. For an example, you can view this run in Google Earth with geotagged photos by clicking here. It’s a neat little gadget, and I plan to post a more detailed review after a bit more experimentation.

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