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Runblogger Podcast #17: Baby Ben, Boston, and Fall Marathon Plans

Posted on May 12 2010

Runblogger Podcast LogoWhere the heck have I been??? Why haven’t I put out a new Runblogger Podcast episode in over a month? Listen to RP#17 to find out what I’ve been up to!

In this grab-bag of an episode I:

-talk about the events of the past 5 weeks, including the birth of my son Ben, and whine a lot about how hopelessly busy I’ve been lately

-solicit your advice on how to stay active with a baby in the house

-discuss my personal connections to the Boston Marathon

-and talk about my options for a Fall marathon

Not sure exactly how things will go from here, but my hope is that now that my semester is over I’ll get back to a more regular podcasting schedule.

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Links related to Runblogger Podcast #17:

-Here’s a link to a post I wrote about Ben’s birth:

-Here are links to the 4 marathons that I’m considering as options for Fall 2010:
1. Hampton Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon
2. Clarence DeMar Marathon
3. Baystate Marathon
4. Hartford Marathon

-Fleet Foxes – The closing song, “White Winter Hymnal,” can be downloaded from the band’s web page at Sub Pop Records.

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