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Runblogger Runcast #1 – Winter Running With Jack

Posted on December 13 2009

Friday was a reading day before exams start next week the college where I teach, so I took the opportunity while my kids wee in school in the morning to get out for a run with my good buddy Jack.  It was frigid out – 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill, and probably not the best day to shoot my first running videos, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  If nothing else, I hope it inspires you to get out and run through the winter!  Here we go…

Runblogger Videocast #1 – Winter Running With Jack from Pete Larson on Vimeo.
The first Runblogger Runcast shows what it’s like to run on a frigid, windy day in the snowy winter in New Hampshire. I’ve compiled clips of me and my dog Jack as we run along one of our favorite routes, including a snow-covered section of trail along the Merrimack River. If you take away one thing from this video, let it be: Don’t let the cold stop you from running – it was 5-10 degrees F w/ windchill on this run. Courtesy of

Links referred to in Runcast #1:

Steve Runner’s Phedippidations Podcast Thoughts, opinions, and rambling diatribes composed on distance long runs. Lots of credit here – Steve’s podcast has been there for me since I first started running over 2 years ago, and just as he helped me become a runner, he has now pushed me to add my voice to the Run Net Community (a very, scary thought!).

Run Talk Radio Videocast Eat.Run.Talk with Kathy, Caleb, and Daniel.

La Sportiva Wildcat GTX Trail Shoes – Shoe sample sent to me by Backbone Media. Pitched as: “A stable neutral extremely well cushioned waterproof trail running shoe”

Audiofuel – “Music composed specifically for running with a beat to exactly match and drive your stride whatever your pace”

Best part of running in winter? You get to see views like this:

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