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Runner’s Best Friend: Dogs of HOKA

Posted on August 26 2016

Something many runners have in common is a love of dogs. No one appreciates joining you on the trails more than your four legged friend. There is also nothing better than coming home to a dog after a long race for some quality recovery couch time. We celebrate our loyal running buddies. Get to know some of your favorite HOKA Athlete’s dogs, Vika, Oakley, Quinn, and Rosie.

Vika: Nikki Kimball‘s English Pointer


Favorite activity: It’s a tie between running and lying on the couch.

Favorite treat: Greenies

Worst habit: Eating couches. 

Favorite place to run: Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, MT

Favorite distance to run: As long as possible, but I try to cut him off at 3 hours.

Instagram: @vikabirddog

Oakley & Quinn: Amy Van Alstine‘s Jackabees (Beagle/Russell Terrier)

Amy dog

Favorite activity: Eating, hunting chipmunks 

Favorite treat: Flagstaff farmer’s market bones

Worst habit: Eating plants that cause them to get surgery (Quinn) and costs their mom thousands of dollars.

Favorite place to run: Any dirt road in Flagstaff and they also love to run on soft grass.

Favorite distance to run: Quinn: 4-8 miles, she can go pretty far. Oakley: 1 mile.. He’s a little fat and has short legs.

Instagram: @amylynne87

Rosbud (Rosie): Mike Wardian‘s Vizsla

rosie and me-nosleeptillauburn

Favorite activity: Cuddling, Running, Chasing Squirrels, Sleeping

Favorite treat: Butter

Worst habit: Barking..she likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Favorite place to run: Trails, especially the Potomac Heritage Trail.

Favorite distance to run: The longest she has gone so far is about 9 miles, but would say her favorite distance is about 90 mins or 7-8 miles.

Instagram: @rosievizslaruns

They might be balls of endless energy, but we love them anyway. Happy National Dog Day from HOKA.

what feathers[1]
A bonus photo of Nikki Kimball’s dog, Vika.

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