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Running forwards toward a goal

Posted on July 11 2017

Elin-Alexander,-FF-Lincoln-Square“When running, you don’t travel backwards. You run forwards toward a goal. My dad, who is my training partner, and I use running as a tool to work on bettering our futures by learning from the past to be our best selves. I overcame several challenges growing up to become the person I am today: anxiety, bullying, depression, relationships and insecurities. I used running as an outlet to gain strength in myself, better street smarts and actively participate in the running community to give back. My dad introduced me to ultrarunning right out of college, and he told me that a 50K trail run should be my first long race. Having the capability to finish that first ultra gave me a confidence in myself I didn’t know existed. I worked together with my dad, used my mind and trusted that my body could accomplish the distance. Nearly three years later, we’ve accomplished four ultras together. The grit it took for us to finish those races gave me the confidence that lives in me now as I walk, run and take the ‘glass is half full’ approach in my HOKA shoes.” – HOKA fan Elin Alexander

Elin’s favorite shoe is the Tor Summit WP


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