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Running Podcast Recommendation: Geeks in Running Shoes

Posted on October 14 2010

Geeks in Running Shoes When it comes to running podcasts, I’m more of a pick-and-choose based on topic kind of listener rather than a devotee of a particular show. Lately, however, one show has caught my interest, and I faithfully look forward to listening to the new release each and every week (I think I’ve listened to almost every episode, which is a rarity among podcasts for me). The show is called Geeks in Running Shoes, and it’s a relatively new podcast recorded by two relatively new runners, Jason (@GutToCutWL on Twitter) and Raymond (@adeyemiking on Twitter).

What I like about Geeks is the fact that Jason and Raymond are both navigating the same initial bumps along the road to becoming runners that we all have, and they are more than willing to talk about both the good (like Jason recently completing his first half-marathon) and the bad (like the fact that Raymond developed a stress fracture in his tibia just after starting to run – he’s just now getting back to it). They also have a nice experimenter (Jason) vs. skeptic (Ray) schtick when it comes to barefoot and minimalist running.

Above all else, what I like best about the Geeks is that they share a similar sense of humor and take pot shots at each other throughout the show. On more than one occasion I have burst out laughing on a run because of something they were discussing, whether it be the clarity of their urine, the performance benefits of breast milk, or Ray’s bold (yet thwarted) plan to steal a pair of Newton’s from the Chicago Marathon expo.

I had the honor of being the guest on their most recent episode (#14), and I encourage you to have a listen (iTunes link here). We had a lot of fun discussing the Chicago Marathon, Winter Running (including my thoughts on winter gear, winter running motivation, and the Disney Marathon), and a variety of other topics.

You can find Geeks in Running shoes at their podcast website here:

To subscribe and listen on iTunes, follow this link:

If you do give a listen and like what you hear, be sure to let them know and/or leave them a review on iTunes.

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