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Saucony Grid Type A6 Sizing Update

Posted on April 03 2014

Several weeks ago I posted a first impression post on the Saucony Grid Type A6. In that post I mentioned that the shoe seemed to fit longer and narrower than the A5 (I had both in size 10.5), and I indicated I was hoping to get ahold of a pair in size 10 for comparison.

I actually have not run in the A6’s since writing that post since I felt the shoes fit kind of long. I finally went ahead and ordered myself a pair of size 10’s and just tried them on.

My impression is that the 10’s are a much better fit – I have a thumb’s width between my big toe and tip of the shoe in the 10, thumb and a half in the 10.5. Right now I’m wearing the size 10 A6 on one foot, and my size 10.5 A5 on the other, and they seem comparable in length. The A6 does feel like a narrower shoe, but it’s hard to say for certain since my A5’s are well broken-in and the A6’s are brand new.

The photos below indicate the location of the tip of my big toe in the two shoes (yellow = 10.5, orange = 10):

Saucony A6 Sizing 2014-04-02 16.58.06

So my recommendation regarding sizing is that you may want to consider sizing down a half size from what you wear in the A5 if you are considering the A6. The A6 will feel snugger for most people I think, but I’m hoping that with some upper break-in and insole compression the fit will improve. I may also try swapping in a thinner insole. They feel great with the insole removed, but unfortunately there is an abrasive mesh below the insole so running without it may not work so well.

2014-04-02 17.26.48
Saucony A6 (left) and A5 (right)

Hope this helps, I may use the A6’s in a 5K this weekend, first race in a long, long time!

Have you tried the Saucony A6? Curious what your experience with sizing has been – please leave a comment if you have thoughts!

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