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Saucony Hattori: 4.4 oz, Zero-Drop Shoe Revealed at The Running Event

Posted on November 24 2010

saucony_logo_web The Running Event, a conference and expo for running specialty stores, was held last week in Austin, Texas. A reader (thanks Benjamin!) alerted me to a photo that was tweeted by Runner’s World UK of an interesting new shoe coming from Saucony. The Saucony Hattory is a 4.4 oz, zero-drop shoe that is described as follows on the Running Warehouse blog:

Another interesting model is the Saucony Hattori.  A 4.4 Oz. Zero heel drop trainer that offers a velcro strap closure, and not much in the way of a midsole.  The Hattori will be the most minimal model in the Saucony line.  Given Saucony’s distribution, this should prove a formidable challenger to the smaller brands making Minimal products by virtue of the sheer number of running specialty doors Saucony has open.  Saucony should be a serious player in this category right out of the gate.

Here’s the picture of the Saucony Hattori from Runner’s World UK:

Saucony Hattori

The Hattori follows many of the more minimal offerings we have seen so far in replacing a lacing system with velcro straps, and though it’s hard to tell, the upper looks very minimal. One puzzling thing regarding this shoe, if I’m interpreting the image correctly, is that the lateral midsole on the forefoot seems to lack any form of rubber protection (the midsole construction in the forefoot appears very similar to the popular Kinvara). For a zero drop shoe, it would seem that this would be essential since midfoot/forefoot striking is going to be encouraged. It will be interesting to see what the midsole composition is and how this might play out in terms of durability in this shoe. Exciting times ahead for minimalist runners!

Update 4/25/2011: Just put up a post with my preliminary review of the Saucony Hattori.

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