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Shortened Reservoir, Extended Fun

Posted on February 26 2010

Now that, that was a good run.

Maybe it didn’t have the novelty of a storm run, a first night run, or crazy mud run, but this was a good run.

The best part about it was that we all worked together, we kept each other in check in the beginning, we pushed each other on the switchbacks, and we finished strong. We ran as a team, we ran with each other and for each other. The first couple miles were easy and full of conversation, we saved our legs and didn’t let our egos take over. But when we reached the bottom of those switchbacks and we knew what was ahead of us, we came together and we all knew we we’re going to give that bitch of a hill a run for it’s money. And we did. Each and every switchback was tackled faster than the previous one, as we rounded every turn weren’t hoping for the end, we were looking for another switchback to blast and kill.

Sweat pouring down my face and my shirt sticking to my body. My legs begging me to give in and take it easy, but my heart urging me to go on. The harder I run the more it hurts but something tells me to keep speeding up, to keep running until that final sharp left turn. It’s amazing how as we get more and more tired we push more and more, we don’t let the hills bring us down, we don’t slow down until we cross that imaginary finish line we drew for ourselves at the beginning of the run. As we cross our final finish line we all bask in the high from the run. We joke and smile, but inside we all feel the same thing, we feel accomplished, we feel strong, and we feel like runners. Maybe running the hell out of the hardest part of a run isn’t the smartest idea, but we just can’t help it. PG&E, Reservoir, Windy Hill, Priya’s, or Black Mountain, whatever the run is, we know which part is going to be the hardest and we set out to destroy it. The more you think about it, it’s probably the stupidest thing to do, but at the same time it sets the people who run apart from the runners.

Yesterday felt great, today not so great. Today was a classic bad day, tight calves, sore hamstrings, and little sleep the night before, but as I rounded the first turn of my final interval; legs shot, breathing heavy, and a desire to get this workout from hell over with, a primal instinct to go fast came over me. Seeing the next team in the distance, nearly 100 meters ahead, I knew I had a slim to none chance of catching him, but something told me to go, I wouldn’t have lost my place if I didn’t go and just finished the work out, but I wanted to try, I was thirsty for it, I needed to catch him. I didn’t. But I showed myself that even when my legs are gone, my body is aching all over, and my head is telling me to stop, if I can find a way to push it when I’m feeling like that, I can find a way to run the race of my life.

And it wasn’t just me either, I saw it in all of us. Varun was stuck in 2nd for sure, but he killed the last 400. Kuo was in dead last but he gave it 100% until he crossed that powdery white line for the last time. Amrit and DiBiase gave it their all with a lap to go even if their legs were just as shot. I am proud to be on this team and I am proud to have you guys as my teammates. You guys don’t run, you’re runners.

You only need a pair of running shoes to run, but you need plenty of heart to be a runner.

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