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Posted on November 09 2010

Gene Gene Gene…

Funny how our lives parallel each other’s so frequently huh? I really don’t know how to fully describe our friendship because that’s just what it is; indescribable.

If you really sit and think about it’s rather hilarious how similar our lives are; I’ll refrain from writing about all our similarities but I’m pretty sure you can think of a few…

You’re the reason I fell in love with running, you’re the one who taught me not to be scared. Running into the darkness, unsure of what’s around the next corner but at the same time feeling safe and secure knowing that you’re next to me. Our first night run in Rancho after freshmen year was nothing short of spectacular; the lighthearted conversations and jokes on the roads, the fear as we got closer and closer to the park, the shock and then rush of adrenaline as the ranger’s light turned on, the problems melting away as we sprinted into the night, the runner’s high building up as we climbed the hill, and finally that gorgeous view that greeted us as we finally reached the top. Sitting above the world, pure and complete silence all around us and all the troubles of life floating carelessly away as our conversations grew deeper, the stars brighter, and morning grew closer.

Or maybe it was getting lost in Fremont Older at 2 in the morning. Or possibly sitting next to the reservoir, shivering cold but not wanting to leave. Or maybe it’s all the problems we’ve shared and all the times we’ve solved them with an all out sprint to your car at the end of a run. You know the situations we’re in right now are very similar to a night run – running blindly, not knowing what to expect and just hoping for the best. But what I’ve learned from you is that in the end the world tends to unfold as it should.

Life is confusing. It’s horrible at times. Sometimes you get sick of it. But thanks to you whenever I start to hate life, when I don’t want to feel anymore, all I have to do is send you a quick text; “night run tonight?” – and as soon as I send it I go and lace up my running shoes knowing that when I sneak out the back door, quietly walk around the pool and past my parents’ room, that you’ll be waiting there in the car with your beanie, gloves, and running jacket; a big smile on your face and a joke to welcome me.

You’ve always been there for me, to cheer me up after the bad breaks up, the bad races, and hard times. You’ve been my teammate and my friend. You never turn down a run or trip to get donuts, no matter how late or early it is. I mean how many people wake up at 5 in the morning to drive 30 minutes to run up Black Mountain in the middle of January; it’s freezing outside, it’s Black Mountain, it’s pitch black, and we parked next to some abandoned hippie house…yeah we’re definitely runners. Crazy runners. No matter what problems we had below the clouds there was truly nothing to worry about 3000 feet into the sky.

Life is short and truly great friends are few and scarce – but I can honestly and happily say that you have been one of those few people that have been there for me through everything – through the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the sunsets and sunrises, the mud, the rain, the heat, the pain.

So thank you Gene, thank you for always dropping everything you’re doing to go for run, for spotting me all throughout your senior year, for joking with me and making me laugh when I feel like I’ve lost the ability to, and thank you for reassuring me that the sun will rise again – and then running to Priya’s with me to watch it.

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